VERO's Story

The concept of VERO was first ignited when the founder, Veronica, first laid eyes on a candle sculpture. Even before it was lit, she was mesmerised by the intricate carvings that defined its whimsical form. But when illuminated — that’s when the real magic happened.

Diffusing delicate aromas that awakened the olfactory senses, it had the ability to tap into her mood, emitting a soft glow that created a calming yet enchanting ambience. And it was this powerful, multi-sensory experience that sparked the creation of VERO.

VERO's Designs

Empowered to share the beauty of sculptural candles with the rest of the world, Veronica began crafting her very own sculptural works of art. Some of her compositions are based on ancient Greek figurines whereas others embody minimalist designs inspired by modern art.

Whether it's a detailed body sculpture candle or an abstract shape characterised by clean lines, she pours passion and creativity into all her designs to ensure that each one tells its own story. The end result? Exquisite candle art that effortlessly elevates your space, even when unlit.

VERO's Workshop

With equal responsibility to protect the environment, Veronica opts exclusively for planet-friendly ingredients, materials and manufacturing processes. All of her pieces are lovingly hand-poured using 100% soy wax (or similar vegetable-based alternatives) and essential oils to create wonderful natural scents accompanied by a clean, toxic-free burn. 

Her eco-conscious approach extends to the packaging, delivering her creations in recycled and compostable boxes that are printed with soy inks. Each package is finished with an elegant bow to make a beautiful present for someone special — even if it’s a well-deserved gift to yourself.